Athletic Therapy

A thorough and accurate assessment is the most important part of your recovery from any injury. Without it we would just be guessing. At The Athlete Centre our Athletic Therapists perform detailed assessments to determine the true nature of your injury.  We look for ways that your body is compensating because of injury, and we search for reasons why your body might have become injured in the first place.
It takes time. It takes expertise. It takes commitment. It’s how we do things.

Our rehabilitation focus is on the most innovative techniques to help you recover from injury. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to sport and activity as quickly and safely as possible. We tailor your rehabilitation to your sport, your lifestyle, and your needs as an individual. We aim to get you faster, stronger, and fitter than before you came in.
Basic exercises and treatments won’t cut it. We help you do more.


Get back to your active life

Personalized treatment for your body

Detailed Assessment

  • Focused and detailed
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Gait and movement screen

Active Rehabilitation

  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Rehabilitative exercise
  • Electrical modalities

Home Program

  • Exercises to address your injury
  • Technique instruction and feedback
  • Follow-up with you


Initial Visit

Assessment + Treatment


Follow-up Visit



Assessment Only

No Treatment


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