Introducing Megan McManus – RMT!

Throughout our blog posts, The Athlete Centre will be profiling our amazing therapists to help clients/patients learn more about the therapist’s areas of expertise, interest and background.  

Megan McManus is beginning her RMT journey with us and we know she will be a great fit!

Why did you choose Massage Therapy as a career?  What inspires you to help people in this way?

I started marathon training about 3 years ago, around the same time I was teaching yoga at a local clinic. I was experiencing some knee pain around my Iliotibial Band insertion from my training and asked one of the RMTs from the clinic about it. They suggested a massage to help with my training, and I booked in for one immediately. It helped greatly! I had a Psoas release done, among other active techniques, and after that I was hooked. I didn’t know before then that massage could be so active, include patient participation, and would be beneficial in my marathon training plan.

After that I realized that I really wanted to pursue a career as a Registered Massage Therapist and work with athletes to help facilitate healthy training.

I understand now how important active recovery is with athletes through my own marathon training, and I think that is what inspires me the most to work in this field. I understand the importance of having a well rounded training plan that includes not only high intensity training days, but also massage and other therapeutic treatments, strength training, stretching, and active recovery. I am inspired by seeing any level of athlete perform at their fullest, healthiest capacity and am excited to help out. 

What kind of injuries do you enjoy treating?

I find runner specific injuries most relatable when treating clients! I would say the two injuries that I enjoy treating most would be irritation around the IT Band insertion, or “runner’s knee” that a lot of people experience. Also, I am always very curious whenever someone comes to me or mentions Plantar Fasciitis like symptoms. I love the differential diagnosis process of whether it is true Plantar Fasciitis or an overworked Tibialis Posterior or tendonitis, and then working on the appropriate muscles followed by some foot strengthening exercises. 

Have you had any injuries? If so, how did it help you become a better therapist?

I have had a couple of minor injuries with running, but thankfully nothing major. The main one I have experienced throughout a marathon is the “runner’s knee” – that pain that occurs outside of the knee at the IT Band insertion. When I was experiencing this pain I narrowed it down to two things: I wasn’t doing any strength training to compliment my running and I wasn’t as active with my stretching or massage treatments. My takeaway from this as a therapist is the importance of patient home care and involvement. As I runner I could have a therapist work on my hip flexors as much as possible, but I really believe the change happens when the massage/stretch and strengthening happen together. If I didn’t do the strength training for my glutes and hamstrings, my hip flexors were going to continue to take over and having to continue seeing my therapist for the same treatments over again. This experience has helped give me a deeper understanding that a large part of our work as therapists is to educate patients to help facilitate the long term change, not just treat for the short term gain.

So what excites you about being involved in sport, health and wellness?

I feel the greatest sense of community when I am at a race or sporting event! I love watching the camaraderie and just the support from teammates, strangers, and spectators. I am excited and grateful to be able to work within this community of people. I am excited to work along other healthcare professionals and continue to learn and become inspired by different techniques, modalities, and ways of treatment. This is a profession where we are fortunate enough to always be learning and growing our skills, and I am so looking forward to continuing to develop my tool box! 

Tell us more about you! We know you love working with active people, but give us a snapshot of Megan McManus! Do you have a nickname?

A little bit of extra information about me!

I have some pretty big running goals on the horizon; I just qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2020, and that will be my first out of the six major marathons which I hope to complete within the next 5 years.

I grew up watching both of my parents play Rugby and have a deep connection to the sport, although I have never actually played myself (maybe when the running goals are ticked off!)

I am originally from Alberta and am a huge Edmonton Oilers fan.

I was one of the small percentage of people who had never seen Star Wars until a couple of months ago.

Besides running I really love to cook, I have some future dreams of having a small project that has to with cooking – something along the lines of a food truck or a cookbook for runners.

My partner and I are big time craft beer lovers and try to search out all the best little breweries in all of our travels.

Lastly, I don’t really have a nickname, but my partner and friends refer to me as Monica (from friends).. very often 😂


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