Introducing Sara Vis – RMT!!!

Throughout our blog posts, The Athlete Centre will be profiling our amazing therapists to help clients/patients learn more about the therapist’s areas of expertise, interest and background.

Sara has just joined our “TAC Team” and we are thrilled.  Here is your chance to get to know her – we know once you read, you’ll be just as excited to work with her as we are!

Sara practicing what she preaches!

Why did you choose Massage Therapy as a career?  What inspires you to help people in this way?

Growing up I was involved in a wide variety of sports and activities, my main focuses being dancing competitively and playing high level hockey. Spending almost all of my spare time training and practicing, I used Massage Therapy as a way to keep my body healthy and to help rehabilitate any injuries along the way. I chose Massage Therapy as my career because I have always had a passion for helping people, I enjoy working with my hands and body, and I love educating others about anatomy, physiology, and movement of the human body. Also, in using Massage Therapy in my past and present for my own health, I have seen how dynamic the discipline is, and how many vastly different ways it can help an individual, from someone with a neurological disease to a chronic pain cycle.

What kind of injuries do you enjoy treating?

I enjoy treating mobility restrictions, acute or chronic injuries of the low back, hips and shoulders, and movement pattern discrepancies.

Have you had any injuries? If so, how did it help you become a better therapist?

I have had several injuries through the years, but the most significant being a lower back injury. In 2015 at an Olympic Lifting competition, I tore a ligament in my lower back called the iliolumbar ligament, which connects the lowest lumbar vertebrae (L5) to the pelvic bone (inominate). Being an athlete at the time, all I wanted to do was get back to training and had a hard time taking a step back to focus on my required rehab. This resulted in two years of chronic pain, so bad that I couldn’t sit for any length of time and couldn’t participate in any physical activity without inflicting pain for days. It wasn’t until I met the right therapist that showed dedication and commitment to me and my rehabilitation process, gave a personalized treatment approach, and educated me and pushed me to be a better version of myself that I was able to make ground on this injury and put it to rest within a couple of weeks. I think this experience helped me become a better therapist. It showed me that empowering your patients, educating them, encouraging them to be a part of the conversation is incredibly important when approaching treatment of their injury. It is important your patients trust that you are going to work just as hard for them through the rehabilitation of their injury.

So what excites you about being involved in sport, health and wellness?

It excites me when people are passionate about taking care of their physical and mental health, when they want to grow, improve and explore their potential in whatever walk of life they are in. As a RMT, I believe I can help play a pivotal role in that development and help athletes of any kind, weekend warrior to professional, achieve their goals,

Tell us more about you! We know you love working with active people, but give us a snapshot of Sara Vis! Do you have a nickname?

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, and after moving to Victoria in 2016, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! You’ll probably always catch me with a smile on my face; I’m a positive, encouraging, vibrant person that just really loves life! I’m always working on my mental and physical growth (ask me about it! I’m happy to share what I’m up to!), I am my most joyful self when I’m outside, I am very close with my family, and am always up for a new experience. My Dad has always called me ‘Beans”, because apparently I was full of beans when I was a kid… Somethings never change!

We look forward to working with Sara and we know she will be a great team member, therapist and an advocate for her clients.  You can book on-line with Sara or email her at


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