June is National Athletic Therapy Month!

Since June is National Athletic Therapy Month, let’s examine what Athletic Therapy means to our clients and our therapists.

Questions to clients:

Question: When you tell people that you are seeing an Athletic Therapist at the Athlete Centre, how do you describe what they do?

Client 1 answer: Good question. I’ll answer that with how I felt during the process. I felt like the therapist did quite a thorough assessment to help them understand my pain. I really enjoyed how they really tried to get to know me as a person and not just my medical history. They asked me a lot of meaningful questions that pertained to my situation.

Client 2 answer: The therapist really took the time to educate me on my exercises and how these were going to help me achieve my goals. I enjoyed the one on one treatment focus and how attentive the therapist was to the reality of my situation. I am not an elite athlete, but I realized that if they can fix a person who does complicated things, they could fix me!

Question to Client 2: Were you intimidated to come to the Athlete Centre because you are not an elite athlete?

Client 2 answer: Yes! Absolutely! But I got such a great referral from a friend of mine and she is definitely not an athlete. So I booked an appointment. When I got there, I was surprised! I noticed that most of the clients that were being treated did not look like elite athletes. I mentioned this to my friend and she said she had the same experience. She did tell me that all the therapists at the Athlete Centre have worked with Olympic level athletes. That was amazing to hear. I couldn’t believe that someone who works on world-class bodies was treating me too!

Question: When you first heard of Athletic Therapy what did you think you were getting? A follow up to that question – what do you think now that you have been treated by an Athletic Therapist?

Client 3 answer: At first I thought that I was going to just go get an exercise program. I thought they were personal trainers. I was really wrong! The therapist did give me an exercise program, but she really looked at my history and saw that I had injuries and tailored my program to giving me exercises to address my old injuries and was very passionate about helping me prevent those from coming back. She also worked on my neck pain, which helped with my exercise goals. What a complete service! Now I go there for any injuries I have, but also if I need to get exercise advice specifically about my body and injuries.

Question to therapists

Question: Why are you proud to be an Athletic Therapist?

Therapist 1 answer:
Therapist 1 answer: I enjoy problem solving. Everyone who moves is an athlete and so for me, it’s just about trying to figure out how I can help someone achieve the goal they want, whether it’s an Olympic gold medal, biking to work or painting without pain.

Therapist 2 answer: I am proud to be a part of a growing profession making it’s mark in the health and wellness community with it’s unique view on injury care and prevention. I am surrounded by talented, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated Athletic Therapists on a daily basis who inspire me to grow and who solidify my love for this career. I also get to work with an incredibly diverse group of people, from elite national athletes to active seniors who love to garden and go for walks. Everyday is different and everyday is fun!

Therapist 3 answer: The education and experience I undertook to earn my designation, as an AT was exceptional. I get to enjoy the successes of high level athletes in a unique way by being a small part of the team that helps them along their journeys to professional sports or the Olympic Games. I also get to help all walks of life. I am fortunate to be able to assist people, who are experiencing pain or dysfunction, in returning to their jobs, hobbies, sports, or other passions in life without anything holding them back. And I get to help people, who want to improve their fitness or sports performance, in gaining knowledge, skills, and physical abilities that help them achieve their goals.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some fun contests, open houses, giveaways and more during the month of June! Thanks for celebrating National Athletic Therapy Month!

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