Performance Care

Performance Care is the very best in health and fitness personal care – therapy, conditioning, yoga, nutrition, and more.  This is our signature service – designed for individuals who are serious about their care.

Every Performance Care package is unique.  With our guidance, you choose your own combination of any of our services with any of our practitioners and create a series of super-sessions designed to keep your body performing at its best.  We work very closely with you to obtain a full picture of your current state of health, fitness, and performance, and to help you move towards optimal levels in these areas. We monitor your progress and continually make adjustments to your program based on your training levels, activity schedule, and health status.

Amazing value-added features are included to make Performance Care our number one customer choice for those who choose to commit to a program of personal health, fitness, and continuous improvement.


Our signature service
Dedicated to customized care for your body’s unique health and fitness needs

Detailed Assessment

  • Comprehensive and thorough
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Treatment and Recovery

  • Manual therapy or massage
  • Rehabilitative or prehab exercise
  • Recovery and regeneration

Fitness and Nutrition

  • Individualized exercise sessions
  • Yoga Medicine
  • Nutritional guidance


A 4 month minimum commitment is required in order to register for Performance Care services

Custom sessions /month 1 2 5 10
Health Intake
Movement Screen
Home Exercises
BioSteel Sport Drink
TAC T-Shirt
Program Design
BioSteel Protein/Recovery Drink
TAC Training Shirt
Access to TAC Group Classes
Gift Certificate – 1/month
Nutrition Consultation – 1/month
TAC Golf Shirt or Hoodie
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