Performance Plus

Performance boosting training PLUS hands-on therapy techniques to optimize your performance. Performance Plus is a focus on personal training or strength and conditioning, with the added benefit of having an Athletic Therapist using their manual therapy skills and knowledge to keep you training harder and smarter.

You may have minor muscle or joint restrictions that cause tightness or pain and limit performance gains.  You may find yourself hitting plateaus in your training that are difficult to break through.  You might benefit greatly from manual therapy techniques that help to remove these limitations and allow your body to train harder and more efficiently than ever.

Access the same services that keep elite athletes going, and take your training to another level!


Professional training and therapy services in one
so you can train harder and smarter than ever

Detailed Assessment

  • Focused and detailed
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Exercise Sessions

  • Strength, endurance, power training
  • Cardio, flexibility, HITT sessions
  • Manual therapy to help performance

Home Exercises

  • Exercises to address your goals
  • Technique instruction and feedback
  • Follow-up with you


Individual or small group sessions available

Custom sessions 1 6 12 24
Health Intake
Movement Screen
Home Exercises
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2 people per session $90 ea/session $80 ea/session $70 ea/session $60 ea/session
3 people per session $80 ea/session $70 ea/session $60 ea/session $50 ea/session
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Prices for Performance Plus services do not include GST

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