Welcome Sydney Chapman to The Athlete Centre!

Throughout our blog posts, The Athlete Centre will be profiling our amazing therapists to help clients/patients learn more about the therapist’s areas of expertise, interest and background.

Sydney is a Certified Athletic Therapist in Canada – CAT(C) and working in a rehabilitation setting and combining her love for sports, has been her dream job!  We asked Sydney some questions to help our clients get to know her more.

Why did you choose Athletic Therapy as a career?

I chose Athletic Therapy as a career after my experience in professional Equestrian show jumping. I have recovered from a range of my own injuries and I have a deep understanding of rehabilitating an injury. It is just as much mental as it is physical and it requires great patience and perseverance. I felt the sports medicine field was a natural fit for me due to my background, and interest in helping people recover from injuries.

Why did you choose The Athlete Centre?

A good team takes clear communication, trust, and working in unison. I was thrilled to become a part of the team at The Athlete Centre as everyone embodies these qualities with a work environment that is very supportive, and client-focused.

What kind of injuries do you enjoy treating?

I enjoy treating back injuries as I’ve had my own experience with this type of injury, and find it to be common in the equestrian world.

Have you had any injuries? If so, how did it help you become a better therapist?

A couple of years ago I had a significant injury to my hand and wrist. A horse fell on me and I put my hand out to break the fall. This resulted in fracturing my scaphoid bone and tearing many ligaments in my hand and wrist that required surgery. It was a tough time to sustain this type of injury to my hand, as I was in school to be a therapist!  A large part of my learning was “hands on” and I was really concerned that I would have to delay my dreams of being a therapist.

I got through the injury because I was determined to complete my semester and heal to the best of my ability. I was disciplined about my rehab exercises and ended up recovering better than the surgeon predicted. I think what helped me the most was having a thorough understanding of anatomy of the hand and the desire to get back in the saddle and return to all the other sports I enjoy.  I hope to bring this education and understanding to my clients.  I want to be the person who helps them overcome any injury in a positive and supportive way.

So what excites you about being involved in sport and health?

My five year plan is to build my career in the clinic and help an as many people as I can to recover from injuries.  Personally in sport, I want to continue competing in show jumping because this is a true passion of mine!  As well, I am excited to bring along the two young horses that my family has bred. What is so amazing is that I have the ability to blend my career and and my sport together! It really is the vision I had when I began my degree.

Tell us more about you! We know you love working with active people, but give us a snapshot of Sydney Chapman! Do you have a nickname?

Friends describe me as kind, hard working, athletic, and determined. A previous employee gave me the nickname “Avatar” for my demeanour.  Most know me as an Athletic Therapist, Equestrian, surfer, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover.

We look forward to working with Sydney and we know she will be a great team member, therapist and an advocate for her clients.  You can book on line with Sydney or email her at sydney@athletecentre.ca.

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