Fitness and Strength At Home

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  • Live at home workouts to get you sweating and stay injury free
  • Live at home yoga sessions
  • Little to no equipment needed

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Improve Your Movement Quality

We will help you achieve your optimal movement potential with:

  • Mobility classes
  • Core classes
  • Movement mastery classes
  • All programmed to complement each other

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Accountability and Support

You will have access to knowledgable and supportive therapists through:

  • A Facebook group to check in and ask questions
  • A 15 minute consult with one of our therapists
  • Links to past workouts

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Keep Fit

Improve your fitness and strength in the comfort of your own home with our progressive, live, follow-along workouts and yoga sessions.

Improve Movement

Learn new ways to improve the quality of your movement, increase your core control and mobility and decrease pain or discomfort.

Accountability and Support

With our Facebook group, we will keep you accountable and be available to answer your questions.

Why choose TAC at Home?

We have built a comprehensive, balanced program designed by our team to help support you on your fitness goals. Our team of Certified Athletic Therapists understand how to progressively load to see consistent progress, but also avoid injury in the process. We will provide modifications to help work around your injuries or other limitations and answer any questions you may have throughout the class, just as we would in person.

We know that time in isolation is tough, so not only will we be providing a variety of classes 6 days per week, we’re going to help keep you accountable to yourself, by providing daily support and guidance, and provide a platform to engage with your peers and our therapists through our private Facebook group.

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All of our TAC at Home packages include:

  • 6 classes per week (fitness, yoga, core, mobility and movement mastery)
  • Access to TAC Family FB Group for accountability, support and a place to ask questions!
  • Email Link to the workouts in case you can’t make the live class or so you can do them again
  • No equipment needed!

All for just $79/month

With a 3 month commitment

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Need individualized care? Try our virtual Athletic Therapy sessions!

We can still help you with your injuries and unique fitness goals from the comfort and safety of your own home. AT at Home includes:

Join us in building a strong healthy community